Edward J. Mike, Ph.D.

About My Practice

Throughout my long career I have had a very heavy caseload of private practice. My mission is to provide the platform to empower people to improve their life skills and their lives. My education and long experience with all types of challenged people gives me a large “toolbox” to choose from. I basically focus on “cognitive-behavioral” therapy. That is, figuring out what is blocking each person from fixing what is broken in their life, and then sharing with them the tools they can use to succeed. You will learn that my primary word is “control,” not the control of others, but to feel in secure control over what is important in your own life. If you feel powerless or helpless, you are bound to be anxious and depressed.

I have been very successful helping all ages with many kinds of difficulties. With younger children, I will focus as much on the parental caregivers to empower them to change the situation with their children, so they can take the credit for being their children’s effective “therapists.” I help broken relationships to find what broke and to bring back the original attraction that has become hidden.

Throughout my career, I have been sought out to perform many psychological assessments of all kinds. I will no longer do them for the legal profession, as I have too much integrity to play their attorney-games. More recently the shift has been to neuropsychological assessments of people who have had brain injuries or strokes or are simply afraid they are slipping, need to see if it is safe for them to drive, or whose caregivers need to know how to protect them and help them best. I now work in the Physical Rehabilitation unit of the local hospital and am called upon daily to help in this capacity.

I have dedicated my life to helping my fellow human beings make the most of their lives. I would like to help you too.